Cortland Bechtell

More Animation

Born in captivity was a massive multi student project headed by the amazing Andrew Chesworth and Tom Schroder. I was able to take part and animated three bits. The entire body-hiding scene (1:43), the woman discovering the man rolling on his desk (4:28),and the woman observing the man dead at the end of the short (6:15).
Theocritus Cafe was part of an animation project in which students were assigned the task of animating the narration of a fake travel guide. The result is an odd surreal coffee colored short. I animated, colored, and planed this entire short.
This short was for my internship with Nickelodeon. Done as a quick interstitial to be tagged in-between runs of cartoons on the network. I worked on the background characters and backgrounds. I worked on some of the coloring also.
This infinitely repeatable animation was done for Starbase Minnesota. Designed to show off the ‘future of flight’ it was made to play in the school’s lobby on a loop.