Cortland Bechtell

(Right click each image and select ‘Open Image in new Window’ to see full size if you wish!) These style sheets were created for the Parallel Man World Jumper Game, in collaboration with the artist Dylan Hansen. The main interface was nearly spot on with the design I mocked up. However the in game look was far inferior to the mockup as iOS devices could not handle the artwork at the fidelity necessary. It was disappointing, but the mockup style still of the game in action is one of my favorites. You can see some of this in motion in my UI/UX demo reel here.
These style frames were done for the FutureDude logo reveal video I worked on. The first image shows the storyboard and a style built in photoshop. The second image shows a frame just before the final transition. The final video underwent over 20 revisions as it got to the end and looks very different from the style I built for it nearly 2 months earlier. The final version looks and feels far superior. You can watch it here.
This is a single style done for an entire motion graphics project. It had a very, very, fast start and was finished very quickly. It required a lot of items to be placed in after effects and some Maya rendered 3D frames, (this is an example of what would be rendered in 3D) not the after effects only materials. You can watch it here.