Cortland Bechtell

This demo reel showcases my work modeling structures and characters in Maya.
This demo reel showcases my work in motion graphics primarily in After Effects.
This demo reel showcases my recent work in After Effects and some work in Maya as well.
In each scene I placed icons in the lower left corner to show what programs were used and what work went into them.
The majority are my freelance work.
This is a pitch trailer I made for a property called Slingshot. I did all motion graphics and animation (including the opening and it’s sound effects). This piece was finished in about 2 weeks.
Space Base is a video I did for MorrisHaugen Interactive.
An idea for a possible web series pretending to be a show from the 70’s similar to the real show Space 1999.
I worked on compositing, timing, effects, motion rendering, molding and textureing, excluding lined artwork creation and still background assets.
This is a video I helped with for MorrisHaugen Interactive. I did several shots (rendered and composited) for a very nice animatic trailer to what they hope to one day be able to make into a full length movie.
I did shots 4, 5, 6, 7, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, and 18 (the last one)
This is a motion graphics animation done in After Effects and Adobe Illustrator.
These animations are designed to clearly show users what to do when using the EZ-TAB machine.
This was a project completed by a very large team of MCAD students.
I took part in animating three scenes. The scene where the main character, Robert, is hiding the corpse of his friend.
The scene where the girl walks in on him rolling around on his desk and the very last scene where she stands horrified over his body. Enjoy this incredible endeavor created by so many students.
Final animation for Advanced Animation at MCAD. All animation, story, sound, rendering and compositing by me.
Final animation for a collaborative class.
Every animator chose a section of a fake travel guide called “Big Circle Touring Guide” written by Jay Orff and turned it into a short animation.
This is the section called Theocritus Cafe. Materials used are pencil on paper and digital coloring. All animation and coloring by me, story read by Jay Orff.
Animation done in a group of four, myself, Andrew Chesworth, Matthew Ebent and Arron Quist. Aired on Nickelodeon in Febuary 2006.
My role was working on animation of background characters and coloring of animation cells, I also worked on the backgrounds.
This animation was created in 2006 as a final project for my 3D animation class at MCAD.
The project goal was to integrate 3D characters with a real background and pulling off a cute narrative.
Stop motion animation made for class at MCAD in 2007. This is one of my best examples of storytelling.
These various works were completed in one semester at MCAD. The class was designed to learn character animation, motion and grounding.