Cortland Bechtell

More Mograph

This is a simple motion graphics sequence created to educate parents working with F2R Marketing on how the student directory process works.

An intro to a throwback stylized animated comedy series called Space Base. Purposely designed to appear like a 4:3 show from the 70’s, special attention was paid to coloring and title flicker. I did all animation, 3D renders, and effects.

EZ-TAB’s tutorial screen was created for automated Wisconsin car tab dispensing machines. Designed to help users understand how to use the kiosk. I created all assets and animation.

This motion graphics project was an infinitely looping animation for the lobby of Starbase Minnesota. Done entirely in After Effects, this project was designed to be an exciting introduction to plants, the solar system, and the universe’s incredible scale.

Slingshot: Jupiter Conspiracy was done with pre-existing artwork I had to break apart and turn into hundreds of layers. This project uses a multitude of methods from After Effects to Maya. I did all animation, modeling, texturing, and visual effects.