Cortland Bechtell

More UI / UX

You may have seen moving shots from Parallel Man: World Jumper in my demo reel. This is by far the most extensive UI design project I’ve ever worked on. This game had hundreds of icons I designed myself. Each piece of the interface was crafted and animated for the coder to replicate in game. I managed well over 2000 individual assets and tracked media and sound effects throughout.
I had the privilage to manage and redsign Buzz Aldrin’s web site for 2 years around 2010. A fairly large site moving from Drupal to WordPress with lots of legacy code and a new Magento store. Coded from the ground up by me. I got it working, and today it still runs off the code I wrote way back then.
Another site designed from scratch for Energy Concepts. This site was redesigned along with their original logo to be more modern and sleek. Retaining a lot of information but still being easily navigate-able was the main hurdle on this project. This was accomplished with a series of landing pages with helpful information and links for each category.
FutureComics was a concept app to sell comic books in app with a sleek bright interface.
This is an incredibly simple app for rolling dice in a game called the Hero System. I designed and coded it in Swift.